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Daniel Miller

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Daniel Miller
Daniel has over 30 years’ experience in design and marketing. Starting in store-brand packaging, Daniel was an art director for building out store-brand product lines to compete against established, national brands. He was responsible for MMI’s largest client, Ahold, which at the time was a 16 billion dollar grocery company based in the Netherlands. Daniel was responsible for the overall look and feel of the branding and extending that branding to over 300 products. After moving to Pratitioners Publishing Company in Fort Worth, Texas, Daniel was responsible for overseeing and developing the branding and marketing of an extensive line of products targeted for tax and accounting professionals, containing over 200 products. When Thomson later acquired Reuters, Daniel created key marketing materials for multi-million dollar new product roll-outs such as Checkpoint Catalyst. He also played a key role in developing the brand and marketing materials for XS Sight Systems, which creates tritium express sights for law enforcement, the military, hunters, and concealed carry gun owners. Over the span of more than 15 years, Daniel helped XS grow their brand and promote their products. In 2004, Daniel had the honor of inning the state-wide competition for the design of the Texas State quarter. Daniel started in Minnesota, moved to Texas after college to work on a master’s degree in Linguistics before pursuing his career in design and marketing and communications. He and his wife Nancy raised their six kids in Texas (2 girls,4 boys). Daniel is a fan of Pixar, Calvin and Hobbes, and good storytelling in any form.